Dreamsmeaning Book : Crab means little joy; beer means long-term plans or dissatisfaction; dreaming of these implies that you should end your free and free life and customize a long-term life plan for yourself.

Dreaming of buying crabs will make your body strong.

Dreaming of buying crabs means meeting noble people.

Dreaming of buying yellow crabs will increase your skill luck. Calligraphy, abacus, kendo, judo, etc., if you are learning, this is an opportunity to upgrade. You can sign up for the test level immediately.

An unmarried woman dreams of buying crab meat, she will marry a rich and wishful man.

Crabs stretch their teeth and dance their claws in multiple sections. They are also used to digging holes in the sand. They appear in dreams, indicating that they can absorb anything that can absorb the dreamer's energy and energy. Dreaming of crabs indicates that the dreamer may have encountered a competitor in love or in business.

Dreaming of a crab pinching yourself may indicate that you will be hurt by a villain and warn you to be careful.

Dreaming of crabs running rampant indicates that your fortune is improving and you are about to overcome the difficulties in front of you.

Dreaming of cooked crabs is a good thing, which means that your opponent was defeated by you.

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