Dreams meaning Book dreams of killing a fish

Fish gathered representatives of Reiki, similar to the dragon, a symbol of luck, the dream appears, and dreamed of playing dead fish ready to kill but it is a fortune and contrary to the practice of suggesting certain things you deal with the irrational Recently Even bad.

Dreaming that you will have fortune by killing fish in the near future, and dreaming that you will not be able to catch the fish , indicates that the fortune may pass by.

A man dreams of killing a fish means that his career is not going well.

A woman dreams of killing a fish in her dream indicates that her life is not going well.

The businessman dreamed that he would kill the fish in his dream, and he would lose money in business.

A single person dreams of killing a fish, which indicates that the peach blossoms are not prosperous recently and it is difficult to meet their favorite objects.

Lovers dream of killing a fish, which indicates that the recent love fortune will be unsuccessful and the love affair will be tested.

An office worker dreams of killing a fish, indicating that the dreamer's recent work fortune will decline slightly, and the hard work may not be rewarded accordingly.

The student dreamed of killing the fish, indicating that the recent academic performance is not satisfactory.

If you dream that your own fish is dead, you will be implicated by others. At this time, you must be vigilant.

The employee dreams that the fish he raises is dead. The Lord has good fortune in the near future, and his income is bullish. In terms of expenditure, one or two large expenditures will make your saving plan in vain.

Looking for a worker and dreaming that the fish you raise is dead, you will win the job interview with your strength. Recruiters pay more attention to your abilities, and it is more effective to show your past performance.

Dreaming that the fish is dead and coming back to life, life is busy, but work is rewarded, hard work brings a lot of money, but you should pay attention to the mental insufficiency caused by overwork when you go out.

The old man dreamed that the fish died and came back to life. Everything went well, fame and fortune, but if you were too proud, you would easily fail.