Dreaming of red dates is a sign of a long journey.

The tourist dreams of red dates, the journey will go smoothly.

The patient dreams of red dates, the body will recover quickly.

Dreaming of picking or hitting dates indicates that your business will expand and you will soon be successful.

Pregnant women dream of red dates and have a high probability of having a male baby in their belly.

Dreaming of picking up red dates indicates that it is easy to get unexpected help in the near future.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream man presents dates. Seeking fame and dreaming here will be well-known in the world; seeking profit and dreaming here will make you rich and satisfying; if you want a child to dream here, you will get a man and be more expensive; if you are dreaming of disease, you will be repented and repented. There is no way to go if you flee to dream here; if official affairs dream here, the Lord will be tortured. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream date. Jujube and early have the same pronunciation, and those who dream, the master gets fame and fortune early, marriage is early, and heirs are recruited early, which is a sign of joy. Illness disputes, dreams are not suitable. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Those who eat jujube will give birth to precious children. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing jujube in a dream often reminds you to pay attention to some special and eye-catching things in life. In addition, dreaming about dates also means that the dreamer seeks friendship and finds people who care about you.

Psychoanalysis: You eagerly hope that someone can care and help yourself very thoughtfully.

Spiritual symbol: Some fruits, such as dates, are closely related to fertility and fertility customs. In ancient Rome, dates were often used as sex hormones when preparing for weddings due to their delicious taste and joyous spiritual imagination.

Case analysis of dreaming about red dates

Dream description: I dreamt that there are several big jujube trees, tall and there are many ripe red dates on them. I stretched out my hand and picked a few red dates in the shortest place, and they were holding them in my hand. But I didn't eat it. What does this mean, please. I am married and have no children yet . In the same dream, I also dreamed that a very familiar doctor was examining me. I have inflammation like adnexitis, and the doctor also said that I was too tired to get sick. What medicine should I take.

Dream analysis: Jujube is a symbol of having an early and precious child. Dreaming of this dream may be because you are under too much pressure to become pregnant . Just as the doctor in the dream said, he said you are too tired, then you have to take a good rest, relax, and a good pregnancy will naturally come.