Dreamsmeaning Book dream cauliflower

Dreaming of cauliflower indicates that your communicative skills have improved and that you are progressing smoothly in communicating with people.

Unmarried men and women dream of cauliflower, which indicates that they will find the right person soon.

Dreaming of cauliflower everywhere indicates that brothers are in harmony. There will be no disputes for a long period of time, and you may be rewarded by your parents.

Dreaming of rape blossoms means that you will be united with your brothers, sprint in your career, break into the sky, and create good results, but you still have to prevent disputes in the family business and make some precautions.

Dreaming of cauliflower, the official dream of the official, the owner is prosperous; ordinary people dream of it. Master fame and fortune. The increase in land yields, and the plan is fulfilled.

Dreaming of rape blossoms symbolizes a bright future and a successful career.

A man dreams of rape blossoms indicates that he will work hard with his brothers and achieve good results.

Dreaming of rape withering means that there are internal disputes and losses will be caused.

Case analysis of dreaming about cauliflower

Dream description: Last night I dreamed of planting green cauliflower in a potted plant. I opened the cauliflower. I saw that under the cauliflower, that is, on the top of the soil, there are many long, thin white insects squirming. I use chopsticks to hold it. They come out. What does this mean? Solve!

Dream analysis: Cauliflower means that you are unpretentious and popular in your dreams. However, if you have small bugs, the bugs are troublesome. Fortunately, you catch them. It indicates that you can solve all these troubles.