Dreaming of tree stumps indicates that you plan to travel far away.

Tourists dreaming of tree stumps means that their journey will be very pleasant.

Dreaming of tree stumps means that life will encounter obstacles and cannot move forward.

Dreaming of a tree stump indicates a big setback. You are lurking waiting for you to meet you on the way forward. Affected by this, it will be difficult for you to resume your normal life style.

Dreaming of tree stumps on the ground, the big net symbolizing misfortune is opening to you, making it difficult for you to break free.

Dreaming of digging out the tree stump indicates that you will abandon sentimentality and indecision, try your best to overcome any difficulties you may encounter in real life, and finally liberate yourself from the quagmire of poverty.

Dreaming of long wooden stakes will give you a good reputation.

Dreaming of short tree stumps means that your reputation is damaged and you may be looked down upon by others. You should be especially required to behave well and walk righteously.

Dreaming of a broken tree stump means great danger and will ruin oneself. If you plan to do something risky, you must stop anyway.

Case study of dreaming about tree stump

Dream description: I dreamed that my hair stumbled. I was sitting on a tree stump. When the stump rolled, my hair tripped and tripped. My husband didn’t even pull me by the side.

Dream analysis: This dream indicates that you have many opinions about your husband and also indicates that you will encounter setbacks.