Dreaming of loquat means that the person in the dream is in peace, with the same branches and luxuriant branches. Life is carefree.

The patient dreams of loquat, the body will recover.

Dreaming of loquat is sweet and juicy, symbolizing that the family will be very harmonious.

Dreaming of mature loquat means happiness and wealth.

Dreaming of unfamiliar loquats symbolizes misfortune and pain.

Dreaming of eating rotten loquat will lead to disaster.

Dreaming of loquats on withered trees will find treasures from places no one knows.

Dreaming of picking loquats, you can have several sons.

Dreaming of giving someone a loquat. Foretells that due to profligacy, he will eventually go bankrupt and wander on the streets,

When a woman dreams of getting loquat from someone else, her husband will find a rare successor.

A woman dreams of selling loquats will divorce her husband.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream loquat. The dreamer maintains peace and prosperity. Secretary of Broken Dreams