A woman dreams of planting grapes means a happy family life, a wealthy partner, and filial piety for children.

Men dream of grape vines, suggesting success in work, it will be successful.

The old man dreamed of planting grape vines, he would be healthy, live a hundred years, and enjoy the happiness and family happiness brought by the five generations under one roof.

The businessman dreamed of planting vines, which foretells that the next business will make the dreamer a big profit.

Case study of dreaming about grape vines ( )

Description of the dream: I walked into a vineyard in my dream. The garden is full of grapes, and I can't see the side at a glance. Looking at the vines in the garden, I somehow had the idea of ​​growing grapes. I want to wait until next year, I will also plant a tree in front of my home yard. (Female, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The vine in the dream symbolizes success, happiness and health. A man dreams of vines indicates that he will succeed in his career. A woman dreams of vines means family harmony and happiness, and a happy family life. The old man dreams of vines, it means that his children are filial and live longer than Nanshan.