Dreaming of a drought indicates that you may suffer a short period of suffering, but you will soon get out of the difficult situation and regain happiness.

Dreaming of drought usually symbolizes the dryness of feelings, or the need for emotional nourishment.

It is possible that in life, you are suffering from emotional shock, or a loved one has passed away , and your heart is extremely sad.

Dreaming about drought may also indicate that there is a problem in your career and you are in trouble.

Dreaming of famine due to drought indicates that the economy is in recession, and your health is not good, and your energy is weak. This may be the reason why your business is not running well. In the dream, if your enemy dies due to hunger, it means that you are competing with him, and you will win in the end.

Dreaming of famine means that business will be in trouble and it is impossible to win the lawsuit, but the loss is not too big.

Dreaming that the famine is over, the future is bright and hopeful.

To dream of being starved to death makes you impoverished.