To dream of a single spark in the dark indicates that your new plan will proceed smoothly. If you are about to start learning English conversation, calligraphy, guitar, piano, etc., it indicates that you will succeed.

The flames represent good things coming one after another. The fire light appeared bright and fluid, representing the pure intentions of my friends.

To dream of walking barefoot on the fire indicates that the dreamer has the ability to accomplish tasks that others cannot accomplish, and it also indicates that you are in good health.

To dream that you can't stand the light of fire indicates that the rights and interests of the dreamer will be damaged. Those who are your friends on the surface are just flattering to you, and have a ghost in their hearts.

Dreaming of fireworks going up into the sky means that there will be good things among family members. For example, the father’s job promotion, salary increase, and so on. Of course your pocket money will increase.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreams of fire circling the sky, this is a good omen, ten people get friends, fame and fortune are all achieved. Menglin Xuanjie