To dream of talking with a prisoner is to suffer bad luck, be vigilant and avoid disasters.

Dreaming of quarreling with prisoners, troubles and disasters will pass, and you will live a satisfactory life.

Dreaming of making friends with prisoners implies that you may make friends with bad behaviors and cause you serious losses.

Dreaming of the prisoner running away, the patient is about to get better.

The prisoner dreamed that he was granted amnesty or acquittal, and his house was in danger.

To dream of committing a crime and evading the sanctions of the law will lead to misfortune in life.

To dream of becoming a prison guard, or warden, or managing a prison indicates that you may become an assistant to a wealthy person and help him with his family business.

Dreaming of being with criminals means that you will be used by immoral people who are trying to use your friendliness to advance themselves.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream criminals will be tried, good luck. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream criminals enter the house, the Lord is suffering from disease. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream sinner. Mengguan Yadanchi detains criminals on both sides. According to his name, he is known to be dead or alive. Dream interpretation of criminals’ yamen, or on the way, is a good omen. Dream of the sinner walking into the house, the main disease and plague. Dreaming of a criminal name should account for its good or bad name. If you travel on the road, Yemeng criminals must be guarded against thieves, spies, fire, etc., and they must be prepared at the beginning of the matter. Menglin Xuanjie

The dream sinner escapes, and the master is vaguely unpredictable. Secretary of Broken Dreams