Burying the corpse indicated that he intended to hide some ulterior secrets. From this, it is inferred that Mr. Corpse (it's a male corpse) has been reluctant to enter the soil because the ulterior secrets will sooner or later be accused of the world.

Dreaming of the burial scene usually symbolizes the end of a certain pain or a certain trauma in life. Or say goodbye to a certain stage in your heart.

Dreaming of buried people Generally speaking, this kind of dream represents rebirth, indicating that the old life is about to become the past, and an exciting new phase is about to begin.

Dreaming that you are carrying a coffin and preparing to bury someone, it means that you are ready to draw a comforting end to the past and the old stage of life.

Dreaming of burying people also means that you don't want to be known by others, or it implies that the eliminated or abandoned parts or things are hidden (in the heart). This kind of dream is usually related to growth. In the process of growth, we will judge what is good, what is desirable, what will prevent us, and what should be discarded. So we will think of ending a certain part of ourselves, and then remove it. Hidden in the bottom of my heart.

To dream of digging a grave and burying people, in reality, you must be cautious in your words and deeds, and avoid conflicts with others if you disagree with others.