Dreaming of a bell and pestle indicates a good relationship.

The manager dreamed of the bell and pestle, indicating that the following would obey the arrangement and obey the instructions.

Dreaming of wind chimes indicates news and information from afar.

Dreaming of pleasant wind chimes indicates career achievement.

Dreaming of crisp wind chimes means that your life is happier and extremely happy.

Dreaming that the wind chimes are missing means that you may not receive messages from friends, or you are facing difficulties and do not want to face friends.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Bell Pestle. This omen master called He Yi to declare the prestige, no matter how far or near it is up and down, he would obey every one of his fingers. However, you must have a high level of command and deeds, strict discipline, and you will be handsome. Menglin Xuanjie