Dreaming of holding your head in your hands and winning the news frequently.

To dream of family members crying with their heads in arms indicates that something ominous will happen at home in the near future, loss will occur or something worrying will occur.

To dream of holding your head with your hands indicates that the dreamer will hold his sorrow in his hands and have everything under control.

Dreaming of a headache or head injury means that the dreamer has something worrying about disturbing the soul;

To dream that your head is big, this is a sign of improvement.

Dreaming of washing your hair means sorrow will pass.

To dream of looking at one's head in a mirror, this is auspiciousness, to be promoted.

To dream of someone waving a sword trying to chop off your head is to remind yourself and your family to be cautious in your words and deeds.

To dream of seeing your head in the mirror means that the dreamer will be promoted;

To dream of someone swinging a sword to cut off their head means that the dreamer's own sorrow will cause dissatisfaction of others, and that both themselves and their family members should be careful in words and deeds;