Dreaming of things to the north indicates that life has found a direction.

Dreaming about something on the left, left, or turning to the left usually reminds you not to be discouraged and not to shrink back because of setbacks. Only by persisting and overcoming the difficulties in front of you can you achieve your goal.

Dreaming about something on the right, on the right, or turning to the right usually implies that you may be facing contradictions in your life, such as the conflict between principles and desires, the opposition between sensibility and reason, etc. The best way is to comply with the inner call.

To dream that you have lost your way in your choice is to warn you not to daydream, do not expect others to benefit you, but rely on yourself.

The steering wheel in the dream is a symbol of initiative and self-reliance, showing that you have a self-reliance and self-reliance.

A man dreams of a steering wheel indicates that you want to take the initiative in things.

A woman dreams of a steering wheel indicates that you are a self-reliant woman, hoping to control your destiny.