In the dream, I feel that I am in a state of ecstasy, implying that a long-lost friend from afar will come and gather with you.

If there is a lot of disturbance in the dream, it means that the future will be plunged into sad emotions, and the things encountered are also unsatisfactory.

Dreaming of narcissism indicates that your desire for improper pleasure is growing.

To dream of being drunk and not looking like it means that your body is already ill. You should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. If you are sick, get treatment as soon as possible.

Dreaming that you are drinking and drinking in a gloomy mood indicates that things that bother you will turn around in the near future, so don't worry too much.

To dream of drinking with your father means that something may happen in your home. Such unfortunate news will be very disturbing. Pay special attention to the health of your family.

Dreaming that someone else invites you to drink indicates that you are in good health and in a good mood, and you will live longer than anyone in the family.

Dreaming of drinking with others implies that someone might slander you secretly, so that you can't find a way to fight back, making you very helpless.

To dream of drinking indicates that your fortune in your studies is rising. The mind will be very clear, and the content of the text will be unforgettable. This is a good opportunity for good results.

To dream of drinking alcohol in your dreams means that whether you are with friends or alone, it means that you will provoke tongues in real life.

If you feel drunk in the dream, it means that it is not good, and it implies that your health may be out of order.