To dream of people or animals screaming, usually, it means that you will receive bad news.

Hearing the cry of small animals in your dream indicates that you will have new responsibilities and worries. Although not necessarily unpleasant.

To dream of a rooster crowing usually represents good news, reminding you that you will achieve your goals or meet new challenges.

Dreaming of hens crowing, most of them indicate bad omens, warning you that there will be disasters.

Dreaming of the rooster reporting dawn in the morning indicates that you will have good luck, and it also represents the mood of working hard and working hard in your heart.

A man dreams of a rooster reporting dawn, implying that you wish you could not crow, and make a blockbuster.

A woman dreams of a rooster reporting dawn, which means that you expect you to be respected, self-esteem, self-love, and self-reliance.