To dream of yourself succumbing to others indicates a dull day and a happy and peaceful life.

If you dream of others obeying you, it means that you will win wealth and at the same time receive a high degree of respect.

To dream of obeying the arrangements of others means that you will get help from noble people to help you tide over difficulties.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The meaning of dreams often has a strong analogy with real life situations. To dream of making concessions indicates that the dreamer is determined to give up thinking about a meaningless problem.

Psychological analysis: Submission and concession are the manifestation of the weak side of a person's character, and it also reflects the dreamer's desire to get rid of entanglement and start again.

Spiritual symbol: dreaming that you have succumbed to the demands of others means that you have lost many opportunities for improvement because you are not decisive.

Case analysis of dreaming about obedience

Dream description: I dreamed that the leader arranged work, I obeyed the order and completed the task assigned to me by the leader.

Dream analysis: This dream indicates that you will be appreciated by the leader, and you are expected to get a promotion and raise your salary.