Dreaming of flowers blooming indicates that you will be rich and wealthy, especially for promotion. Coupled with your own hard work, you will have no disadvantages at work, but you must pay attention to the interpersonal relationship between colleagues. That's great.

Dreaming that the chrysanthemum blooms, money will be very shaky,-at this time, simply ask the mother to increase the allowance!

Dreaming of breaking the branches of cherry blossoms, there will be shadows in health. The possibility of injury is great. If you like playing basketball or roller skating, you must be more careful.

Dreaming of roses blooming, rivals will appear. Whether it will become a love triangle depends on how you use your means to show courage and struggle, and the goddess of victory will smile at you.

Dreaming of hydrangeas blooming, the opposite sex declines. The person who secretly loves, because of his father's work, has gone away...How lonely your heart will be at this time! If you want to raise your spirits, Prince Charming will still appear.

Dreaming of cherry blossoms being blown down by the wind, love luck rises. You can look forward to a happy date. It is best to watch movies, listen to songs, attend concerts, etc. together. But dating expenses must be borne by each half, because there is a danger of disputes over the money.

Dreaming that sunflowers are in full bloom means that the election luck is particularly good. You can participate in the election for class representatives or student union chairpersons to ensure that you will be elected with a high number of votes.

Dreaming of cherry blossoms in full bloom indicates the possibility of estrangement between friends. My best friends are in love with others, and because they are busy dating, they can’t spare time to contact you. As a result, the relationship between the two is gradually estranged...

Dreaming of plum blossoms means that the overall fortune is moving forward and backward. When you are secretly happy when you encounter something good, something that makes you very disappointed suddenly happens. At this time, it's best to be down-to-earth and don't play tricks.

Dreaming of cauliflower everywhere, brothers are very lucky. There will be no quarrels for half a year, so you can get a bonus from your parents. why not?

Dreaming of the blooming of camellia means that love will continue to develop. The hearts of the two will be very close, and they must meet every day. The only thing that worries you is that your studies may be abandoned as a result.

Dreaming of morning glory blooming, in terms of love, the fortune has a tendency to improve. At this time, it is best to read more literary and artistic works instead of just reading comic books.