Dreaming of scratching others means that your weaknesses in your personality will be exposed through the nitpicking of dealing with others.

To dream that you are being scratched by others indicates that you will be deceived by someone's rhetoric.

Dreaming of you scratching your head indicates that you will see through the tricks of strangers and feel extremely disgusted with their flattery.

Dreaming of scratching your head means that your love has not made any progress. Because the values ​​of the two of you are different, so you are hesitating. Now you still think about whether you two are suitable. It will only be painful to barely be together.

To dream that your head is itchy and scratch your own head indicates that the dreamer will encounter very annoying and painful things.

To dream of being scratched by the opposite sex indicates that the dreamer's love will not progress, and it will make both parties very painful because of their conceptual problems.

A woman dreams of being dragged away by someone's hair means death or leaving her husband due to misfortune.