To dream of forgiveness means to talk happily with friends, and investors don’t have to worry about falling stocks. To dream of being happy with young people will usher in the happiness of success.

To dream of others making sacrifices or compensation for your willfulness indicates that due to your public or unknown dereliction of duty, you will be humiliated or your friends will be humiliated.

Women others make sacrifices or compensation for your waywardness and warn of disappointment.

Dreaming that you didn't make a mistake in the first place, but you are trying your best to seek forgiveness, it indicates that your personal affairs seem to be in trouble, but in the end you will find that these encounters have promoted your own progress. If you dream that you are really at fault, it means that you will really encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of yourself asking for forgiveness from others indicates that after many misfortunes, you will eventually be able to succeed.