Dreaming of accounting is auspicious.

There are two types of settlements: one is clear accounts, and the other is unclear accounts. Dreaming that the former is a bad omen, means that life will be poor. Dreaming of the latter will lead to good luck.

Dreaming that the accounts are very clear when you settle accounts. An ominous sign means that you are living in poverty.

Dreaming that the accounts are messy when you settle accounts, you will have good luck.

To dream of paying bills means to follow the rules of things and act in accordance with objective laws, which is a kind of auspicious sign.

If you dream of others asking for accounts, it means that you are afraid of losing your money. This mentality will not change, but will cause more losses.

A case study of dreaming about settling accounts

Those who do business must be clear and unambiguous in their accounts. Otherwise, if a book is confused, it will never be profitable. A few days ago, I dreamed that my accounts were particularly messed up, and I remember that it was messy, and I was very angry when I saw it. (Male, 34 years old)

Dream analysis: The accounts in the dream represent surplus or loss. The appearance of accounts in the dream indicates that you pay more attention to financial income and expenses. Dreaming that the accounts are clear indicates that due to your careful calculations, you will get a good surplus. Dreaming of chaotic accounts means that you will suffer financial losses.

Dreaming about credit accounts reminds you to have confidence and ability.

Dreaming about debt repayment, its meaning depends on the specific situation. To dream of you paying off debts to others is a good dream. To dream of others paying your debts is not a good dream.

If you dream of evading debts, it tells you not to be fooled in work and relationships.