The image of the willow tree appears in dreams, usually associated with emotional events such as sadness, loss, and parting, and also with meanings such as water and wisdom. In Anglo-American culture, people who have lost a loved one wear a garland of willow branches to express their grief. In Chinese myths and legends, Guanyin mostly appears in the image of holding willow branches and clean bottles. Therefore, the image of willow branches can be connected with religion, compassion, spirituality of life, wisdom and other meanings and implanted in people's subconsciousness. As a result, the willow branches in dreams can sometimes become subconscious signals of changes in life, understanding, and emotions.

Generally speaking, dreaming of willow trees often indicates the sorrow of losing a friend. At the same time, it may also warn you to pay special attention to the relationship between men and women and remind you to be cautious.

A man dreams of a willow tree, it is best not to travel recently, so as not to encounter bad things.

A woman dreams of a willow tree may imply that her lover has been unfaithful to you recently, and you might cut off contact with him for this reason.

Dreaming of willow branches sprouting indicates that you will have your wishes come true, and you may also have unexpected surprises.

Dreaming of willow branches swaying in the wind, or dreaming of weeping willows by the water, indicates that you will have emotional ups and downs. There may be gossip, or emotional disputes, so be careful not to get involved in polyangular love.

Dreaming of a withered willow tree indicates that you may have misfortune.

Dreaming of breaking willow branches indicates that you will be separated from others and you should not travel far in the near future.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreamland gives birth to willows, a long-lasting image of the Lord. If there is a girl in the family, the son of Liu surname should propose marriage; if the family has the eldest son, there may be a private appointment with fireworks. Menglin Xuanjie

Willow in the dream water, Ji. In this dream, the owner’s family is safe, no hindrance in doing things, seeking wealth and wealth, seeking fame and name, seeking profit and good fortune, everything is healthy and smooth. Menglin Xuanjie

Sleepwalking garden weeping willow bunches. Weeping willows are delicate things; those who are tied are also detained. When a man dreams of this, the Lord must have a beautiful person to have fornication and reluctant to give up; when a woman dreams of this, the Lord has the person he intends, and is dependent on the image of thinking. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of weeping willows is fierce. In this dream, the man is the prodigal, the woman is the lifeless, and everything is unlucky. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: In Chinese mythology, Guanyin sprinkles the water of life with willow branches. The willow tree is the main symbol of wisdom, its branches connect heaven, and its roots connect hell. However, the willow tree in the dream is not a good omen. The willow tree represents water and crying, sadness and lost love, reminding the dreamer to be cautious when dealing with things.

Psychological analysis: If a man dreams of a willow tree, it is best not to travel in the recent period to avoid unpleasant things. Women dream of willows, during this period of time they will find that their friends are not faithful to them, and may even cut off contact.