Dreaming that the trees are withered indicates that your fortune is not good, your health is bad, your income from work is low, and your expenses are a lot.

If you dream of trees withering and falling leaves, your luck will change suddenly and you will taste long-term pain, especially illness. If you dream this dream, it is a sign that your death is approaching.

Dreaming of a big tree bending indicates that some of the brothers and sisters of the dreamer will encounter difficulties, and they should give some help, reach out for assistance, and tide over the difficulties together.

Dreaming of trees withered, indicates that the family will not be peaceful.

Dreaming of trees withering indicates that the family fortune is declining.

Dreaming of dead trees means disasters and illnesses will come.

Dreaming of dead wood indicates that life is very difficult, or that career has come to an end.

Dreaming of dead wood sprouting indicates a turnaround in life. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

Dreaming of dead trees means that you will be helpless to face the upcoming sadness and loss.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of trees withering indicates that the stock market is a precursor to the continued decline of various stocks.

Case analysis of dreaming about withered trees

Dream description: I dreamt that new shoots appeared from the withered trees and new branches appeared. What's the matter?

Dream analysis: dreaming of withered trees growing new shoots indicates that the troubles you are facing will have a new turn.