Dreaming of a woman's hair shawl indicates inappropriate emotions.

Dreaming of a woman drinking , catastrophe is imminent.

To dream that a woman sees a dragon indicates that she will give birth to a precious child.

To dream of a woman's naked body indicates that she conforms to the gods.

To dream of sitting side by side with a woman indicates that everything is auspicious.

Dreaming of contact with a woman indicates that a ghost is near.

To dream of robbing a house with a woman means taking advantage.

To dream of seeing a woman's back indicates that there is right and wrong.

The dream of a woman in the original version is not an auspicious dream. Dreaming of a woman who wants to get it is the main food and drink; dreaming of calling a woman to the home, the main evil; the dream of being called by the woman, the main illness and loss; the dream of walking with the woman, the main obstacle preventing the wealth from retreating; the dream of sitting with the woman Food, the main event is good; the dream of torn and beaten with a woman, the main loss of wealth; the dream of the woman torn and beaten, the main litigation and arrogance; the dream of a woman’s makeup is the main thing, the evening makeup is the main thing; the dream of raping a woman with a woman, Everything is fierce; dreams and women conspiracy, the main conspiracy is unsuccessful; dreams and women who observe the sky, stars and clouds, dominate the fierce. "Menglin Xuanjie"