It is said that Pai Yao is the ninth prince of the Dragon King. Its staple food is gold and silver jewelry. It is naturally full of treasures. It is much better than other three-legged toads, which are also auspicious beasts. Therefore, it has won the favor of the Jade Emperor and the Dragon King.

However, eating too much will always cause diarrhea , so one day it may be because he can't help it to drown, and annoy the Jade Emperor, and slap him down. As a result, he hits the butt and the asshole is sealed.

Since then, gold, silver and jewellery can only be entered but not exported. After this allusion spread, Pai Yao was regarded as an auspicious beast for fortune and treasure.

Pai Yao's habit is lazy and likes to sleep. It's best to pick him up and touch him every day, as if to wake him up, wealth will follow.

To dream that Paixiu means to expand your financial resources, but you must be cautious in your life, otherwise you will slowly lose your wealth.

Dreaming of Pixiu indicates that you want to make a fortune in your heart, but in reality you may still lack investment projects.

To dream of Pixiu driving out ghosts or killing demons for himself is a great auspiciousness, which means that Pixiu will ward off evil spirits for you, prevent you from a disaster, or be framed by a villain.

Pixiu is a spirit beast that attracts wealth and transforms evil spirits. If you dream that Pixiu was broken by others, you should pay attention to the villain.