To dream of shivering, you can get good health and good luck.

To dream that you are shaking with the cold, the contradiction comes from outside, forcing yourself to yield, which means suffering a loss.

To dream of feeling cold and trembling all over is a sign of bankruptcy.

To dream that you are shuddering means that the contradiction is about to have an outcome, and that this result is not influenced by external forces. It is something you can expect, so it is equal to good news. To dream that you are trembling with fever, that the contradiction comes from your body, and you have a violent reaction on your body, which means that your body has strong resistance and is healthy and strong.

To dream of your wife trembling, you will encounter conflicts in the family, and quarrels are inevitable.

To dream of the enemy trembling, the enemy is also facing a variety of contradictions, so you will be able to defeat him.