Dreaming of throwing stones in the valley will be criticized by the society, and you will have no place to stand. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

To dream of being embarrassed or thrown a stone indicates that you have enough reasons to teach others, but you should stop at it. Dreaming that you were thrown a stone by someone means that you have guilt in your heart and you should reflect on yourself and try to make up for it.

To dream of throwing stones into the well indicates that the luck of the opposite sex is very smooth. You can look forward to happy love, but be careful not to go on a date at the beach or lakeside, because there are difficulties in the water.

Dreaming of throwing a stone in the Xiangjing well means that you have a good relationship with the opposite sex. I believe that you will enjoy a happy love life soon, but you must avoid dating where there is water, which may cause flooding.

To dream of throwing a small stone into the distance indicates that there is a high possibility of accidentally encountering an acquaintance. The place, the most likely is the powder room in department stores and other places.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of throwing stones in the middle of the valley indicates that the stock market implies that all stocks will fall. Any dream of throwing things is a precursor to falling prices.