To dream of thinking hard about addition indicates that you will struggle to overcome difficulties, which will soon show terrible signs in your business contacts.

Dreaming that you are busy in the calculation of addition and subtraction means that you will be overcoming difficulties and you will carry out a tired struggle. After the struggle, you will feel the difficulty far beyond your previous imagination.

Dreaming that there is an error in the addition operation means that you will be able to successfully defeat the enemy because you were lucky enough to see through their attempt before they carried out the conspiracy.

Dreaming of a computer (machine) plus numbers indicates that you will have a strong supporter, who will free you from a lot of troubles.

If you dream that you cannot read the numbers correctly, you will suffer loss of property due to blind speculation.

Dreaming about addition and subtraction calculation means that when you overcome difficulties, you will experience a hard struggle and feel very tired. The degree of this difficulty will exceed your imagination. You must rely on wisdom and endurance to fight.

The mathematics in your dream is the nuanced reflection in your heart.

Dreaming that the calculations are accurate indicates that your plan is foolproof.

Dreaming of calculation errors implies that you have to be careful and serious.