To dream of flying in the sky by the wind is to warn you that in recent days, you may have shadows in your personal behavior. For example, talking to a colleague about bad things about your boss, and the result happens to be that your boss passes by your side and is heard righteously. It is simply not worth the loss. Be sure to remember "Misfortune comes out of your mouth", and be careful of your words and behaviors everywhere.

To dream of birds flying in the sky is a symbol of freedom, joy, ideals, hope, and creativity. If the birds fly interactively, it means that luck will visit and your hope will be realized. In addition, at work, it also means that your creativity will be unlimited and your ability will be affirmed by your boss.

To dream of an eagle flying in the sky means that your studies will make progress. The reference book that you bought casually just fits your learning ability. Take this as an opportunity, and your grades will start to improve step by step.

Dreaming of flying pigeons indicates that you will be in trouble.

Dreaming of white cranes flying in the sky means that fortune may improve. Maybe your mother's fixed deposit expires and she will ask you what you want to buy. Choose something more expensive.

Dreaming of a bird flying into the house and constantly chirping, it means that there will be a shocking development in the relationship, maybe your broken-up lover will reunite with you, or the object you have already given up suddenly To have a good impression of you and to associate with you is a symbol of the resurrection of love.