Dreaming that you are struggling to explain certain things, or justify certain things, or lie to cover up certain things, usually means that your plan will be resolved smoothly. The problems that have not been solved all the time will hopefully be solved through your efforts in the near future. The situation will go smoothly and the troubles will end.

Dreaming of people talking indicates the communicative ability of the dreamer. He can clearly express his feelings and thoughts. In the waking state, the dreamer may be overly lacking in self-confidence.

The dreamer was afraid that others did not listen to him carefully. If he dreamed of listening to others, he actually expressed this fear. Language itself is not as important as the meaning it expresses.

Dreaming of a dead person talking will make you famous far and near.

Dreaming of a dead person talking and smiling will be respected by people.

Dreaming of talking to the dead is a good omen and will be famous all over the world.

A businessman dreams of talking to a dead person indicates that his business will go smoothly and he will be famous.

The staff dreamed of talking to the dead, they would be appreciated by the leader.