Feeling a spicy taste in your dream indicates that you have a irritable and hot personality.

This dream also reminds you to learn to be calm when dealing with things, and to restrain your hot temper and impatientness.

Dreaming that the food is hot makes you uncomfortable. It means that in your life, there may be friends or other people's enthusiastic attitude and over-concern for you, which makes you feel difficult to adapt.

Dreaming about the pungency of onions, garlic, etc. implies that you have a latent refusal in interacting with others, a desire to be alone, and a little escape from social interaction.

Dreaming of green pepper means that you will have friction with others in your life and affect your mood. As long as you handle it properly, it will not have too much impact on your life.

Dreaming of green chili peppers implies that your privacy has been leaked embarrassingly.

Dreaming of green pepper reminds you that you have the opportunity to make a fortune. This opportunity is far away.

Young people dream of green peppers, indicating that your gastrointestinal function is weak, and you are prone to abdominal pain or enteritis.