Dreaming about the bottom of the sea implies that your current difficulties are great, but your efforts are in the right direction and you will get better soon.

Dreaming of the scenery in the bottom of the sea indicates that your recent life is more leisurely, your mood slowly improves, and you come out of pain.

Dreaming that you are standing on the bottom of the sea means that you have suffered a lot in real life, and you hope to have a place where you can heal your injuries.

Usually, dreaming of the bottom of the sea indicates that the dreamer desires a quiet place in his heart.

When I dreamed that my ship entered the water and was about to sink to the bottom of the sea, I suddenly arrived at the pier, indicating that this is auspiciousness and that I will get help from strangers in the disaster.

Dreaming of diving into the bottom of the sea indicates a symbol of fire . Be careful with matches, lighters, gas stoves, electric stoves and other appliances that can ignite or generate heat. Small ones may cause burns, and large ones may cause fire to the house.

Dreaming that the seabed is clear and visible, if you are fully prepared with a careful and calm attitude, you will win victory in the near future, and you will have considerable possessions and money, and will attract the attention of thousands of people.