Dreaming of geometric figures indicates that you will give new meanings and explanations to the patterns you previously knew. You need to accept the nature of things and observe their fundamental structure. You will attach importance to these basic patterns and will not set emotional barriers to these geometric figures.

Dreaming of geometric figures indicates your abstraction ability. They generally symbolize male principles.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: A graphic has several sides, just like the color of the graphic, it is quite important (dream color). At a certain stage of one's own development, especially when people begin to understand the abstract world more, they are more likely to dream of geometric figures, which seem to give new meanings and explanations to the previously known patterns. You accept the nature of things and observe their fundamental structure. You will pay attention to these basic patterns and will not set emotional barriers to other people.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of the following geometric patterns usually means multiple functions, such as triangles, which symbolize the three major components of a person: body, spirit, and soul. Consciousness and love are displayed and expressed through their three-dimensionality. If the sharp corners of the triangle are displayed upwards, it represents the naturalness of human beings. If the sharp angle of the triangle goes down, it instructs you to analyze your physiology and body. The triangle may also symbolize the family, indicating the relationship between father, mother and children.

Wanzi ornament: If the Wanzi ornament is clockwise, it means an ideal person and his power, indicating that he will do good and good deeds. In Eastern symbolic culture, the swastika represents the movement of the sun. If the swastika appears counterclockwise, then it signifies fascism, meaning brutality and error.

Six-pointed star: Hexagon represents the harmonious development of physiological, social and spiritual factors in the human body, and represents their mutual cooperation to form a perfect whole. It symbolizes the harmony and unity of men and women, and the perfection and unity of material and spirit.

Circle: It symbolizes the inner essence and the inclusion of human beings. A round substance, like a ring, symbolizes unity, completeness and perfection of the soul.

Cross: Each cross-shaped pattern shows the spirit conceived in the material. Generally speaking, the soul consists of symbols such as swords and arms, further symbolizing the cross of suffering, execution on the cross, and then symbolizing the perfect way of heaven, thus learning to use experience to overcome the obstacles in the way of spiritual development. The four opposing directions symbolize disputes, pain and patience. If someone survives this stage, they will reach perfection and perfection. The triple arms above the cross where Jesus hangs also represent the father, son, and sacred spirit of the gods (dream of a labyrinth).

Stars: Generally speaking, any form of five-pointed star embodies hope and expresses people's desires and ideals. If one of the five-pointed stars points upwards, it means all kinds of substances in man’s magic and coordination. Dreaming of a five-pointed star symbolizes possessing magic and witchcraft, and shows the mental effort of the dreamer. The upside-down five-pointed star symbolizes viciousness and demons. The six-pointed star or the six-pointed star that the Jews were forced to wear during the German fascist period is composed of two triangles, which symbolizes the unity and harmony of physiology and spirit, and is used to create wisdom.

There is a game of geometric figures in which people draw a square, a circle and a triangle, and the second person starts to piece these figures together into a pattern. He should have an eye for watching the world when dealing with squares. The circle shows his inner nature, and the triangle shows his sex life.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, seeing geometric figures in your dreams represents your abstract ability. They generally symbolize male principles.