Dreaming of a skull means that your interpersonal relationship has changed, and some problems will arise when you get along with others.

Dreaming of a skull and crossbones makes your heart panic, indicating that there is a problem with your interpersonal relationship and that you are unwilling to manage interpersonal relationships.

The businessman dreams of a skull and crossbones indicates that his partner will have conflicts.

Dreaming of bones means that the secret hidden in my heart has been revealed.

Dreaming of my father's bones means that I love my father very much.

Dreaming about hiding a corpse is usually because in real life, there is a secret that is about to be exposed, or a trouble that is difficult to get rid of; whether it is a secret or a trouble, they are full of lethal power, enough to make you like all the suspects in the world The same, full of anxiety and fear.

To dream of holding a skull means that you will be slandered or deceived by others.

To dream that there are only bones left in the coffin , you will be reported by the news media about yourself or your deeds, which makes you very happy.