To dream that you are learning grammar means that you will soon seize the major opportunities in life wisely.

To dream of speaking fluent foreign languages ​​indicates that you have a mature attitude towards human nature in your dreams.

To dream of speaking in a foreign language and tongue out means that you are not mature in sex and longing for pure love.

Students dream that they study hard, that they can pass the exam and get good grades.

Young people dream of studying hard, indicating that career will be smooth.

The elderly dream of studying hard, indicating good health and happiness in life.

Dreaming of people studying to read indicates that they can increase their wisdom.

Dreaming of language barriers means that he or other people are facing communication and communication difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Dreams may symbolize the dreamer's desire to obtain more precise information about certain aspects of life.

To dream that you have a language barrier and desire to communicate with others indicates that you have not gained the understanding of others in your life and hope that someone can support you.

Dreaming that someone else has language barriers means that you may be facing difficulties now and hope that all misfortunes will be transferred to others.