Dreaming about sawdust, serious hurtful mistakes will bring pain and quarrels to your family life.

Dreaming of sawdust symbolizes troubles.

Dreaming that during the lively wedding ceremony, your sight is blocked by colorful scraps of paper, which means that you are pursuing a happy life and you will not hesitate to lose the fun you deserve. Because of your strong sense of responsibility, it did not affect the completion of the task.

Dreaming of sweeping confetti, peels and other debris, whether you are a hardworking person or a person who can do housework in real life, it means that some villains will appear to be stalking you recently, or say Making three repetitions will cause your career to go unsuccessfully, or it will seriously affect your emotions, mood, etc. In fact, you have to relax. When others say other people’s things, your own life is your own business, so why bother to care too much.

Case analysis of dreaming about sawdust

Dream description: Why do you dream of taking out a lot of sawdust from your ears?

Dream analysis: The ears in a dream represent your ability to receive information from the outside world or listen to the inner voice of others. In addition, it is also closely related to the meaning of news, opportunities, right and wrong judgments. At the same time, dreaming of ears also reminds the dreamer to listen to other people's opinions and pay attention to new information. And dreaming of sawdust in your ears means that your ears are blocked, and you do not listen to other people's advice, which brings you a lot of trouble. This dream is to remind you not to block your ears and to listen to other people's advice.